Who I Am


I am here to deliver awareness, develop and divert young Muslims from the path of relying solely on information that can take them on a journey towards extremism and hate. You will find me in content that is created to instill critical thinking and understanding in the minds of those who are often vulnerable to the messaging of extremist ideologies.

My Mission

To safeguard the lives of young people from harm and those who seek to harm them.  

What People are Saying

I immediately identified with the character of Abdullah-X
— Year 10 Student
What brother Abdullah-X said was spot on. Wish people would just overcome their comfort zone and truly look into the reality of the conflict in Syria which has nothing to do with Islam, nor is a shia-sunni conflict. I was hyped up when I heard about it and after reading into it...well I think I should let everyone realise and find out for themselves what is actually going on...i’m sure it’ll be worthwhile.
— SyedElCid, Youtube
From California, USA. Thank you so much for your video. The world is waiting to hear the counter narrative. I heard the audio on the BBC today and hope my friends will subscribe to this channel and support your brilliant efforts. That’s the least we can do. Peace!
— Billie Kelpin, Youtube
Encouraged by the creative minds behind @TheAbdullahX who are fighting extremism with animation
— @flavorphiles , Twitter

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